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     I would write if nobody read a word of my books or poems or essays, but when somebody does, I am rewarded.   And when that somebody tells me that a character is strong or a plot is interesting or the language is moving, my reward is even greater.

     This website is designed to introduce you to my work and to give you the opportunity to tell me what you think.   I do read all my own e-mail, and I'll try to answer if you write.

     I hope you enjoy what you read here,

Candace Toft


Candace's Home Awards and Background

Released May 2010 Released 2009
The biography of a heavyweight boxer,
Off the Ropes: The Ron Lyle Story
Small Moments in Time: Memories of Lassen County
Published Novels An Award-Winning Poetry Chapbook
The Trap
A Mingled Yarn
A Thousand Strands
Poems to My Mother
In the Works An Award-Winning Essay
The Love That Sees Me Through